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I have designed this site to be simple and easy to use without all the "whiz-bangs" and high tech bells and whistles!
I program it all myself and would rather amaze you with my jewelry design than dazzle you with my technical ability. Besides, it will
be easier to keep updated and maintain this way. That in itself is a hard task since my creations are for the most part one of a kind.
Some of my mediums - especially the dichroic fused glass - are extremely difficult to photograph. All of my creations will look better
in person than in photography. I do not attempt to compete with the wonderful photographers out there!
I hope you enjoy your visit!
About my construction methods…My bails are large enough to fit even the largest chains and magnum chains. The embellishments on my bails are my own signature design elements. I make my bail structure longer so that it extends down the back to the bottom of my structures for stability and so that the pendant doesn't "spin" when it is worn like some shorter bail constructions tend to do. This is also one of my own signature design elements. It takes more metal material that way, but offers a much better construction than shorter versions. Also, all of my bails are "closed". Bails that are open and just turned under in the back run the risk of the pendant falling off the chain when the wearer moves in certain directions. To me, that is not an acceptable construction.
My scrimshaw pieces are mounted on black enameled hardwoods. I'd love to use repurposed ebony, but the laws enacted against the use of ebony are so restrictive and confusing, that I don't want to inadvertently break those laws and so choose not to use it. There are no laws restricting the use of repurposed piano keys thankfully.
I fuse my own glass for the "Cosmic Grapevine Collection" and the Dichroic Earrings shown. I polish my own stones for the most part - every now and then I find polished stones and purchase them from other stone artists. I do not facet stones and so purchase all of those from other artists.
I constantly "play" with my designs in an effort to improve my product and make them as stable and durable as they can possibly be hoping that they will survive as treasures handed down to future generations.
Artist Statement

Exploring and experimenting with creative processes is the fulfillment and joy of being an artist.

Discovering the true nature and intent of raw materials… the sawing, grinding and polishing… the cutting and the firing… the "great experiment" of my multi-medium creations… transforming raw materials to become "works of fine art".

Like a child with a trunk full of costumes, and holding to my belief, "You're "never too old to have a happy childhood"……
I put on the lab-coat of the chemist and experiment with processes to see what works and what will not. The mistakes are as exciting as the successes.

I put on the visor of the mathematician and calculate dimensions - the stretch and shrinkage - the precise amount that will enhance the medium.

I put on the boots of explorer and geologist, examining riverbeds, creeks and caves, in search of the perfect rock holding the treasure that will appeal to that one special person.

I put on the coat and hat of archeologist working with 10,000 year old fossilized ivory that has absorbed beautiful colors from the earths' minerals. It is a joy to see it progress from an unassuming chunk of ancient buried tusk to a glowing polished treasure that will become a canvas for my engraved illustration.

I put on the conservationist's T-shirt, saving the rain forest, when working with stubborn little tagua nuts that serve as an ivory alternative, breaking through it's tough outer shell to the cream color inside. Finding the treasure in broken antique china and glass turning what was to become just more trash on the heap and turning it into a beautiful heirloom creation to pass down through generations.

I put on the goggles of the physicist working with "thin film physics" of dichroic glass investigating and experimenting with mediums that will mix and enhance it's beauty and interest.

I put on the metallurgist's apron… pounding, stretching, shaping and forming the silver, gold and bronze to frame my creations and complete the design.

All of the preparation and investigation is as exciting as the actual creation. All of the creation is as exciting as the presentation.

When that special person makes a connection, finding value and meaning in the completed composition, there is great satisfaction as an artist, sharing my artwork with others.

Custom Design Orders Welcome! Email me for a Quote!

I can create a scrimshaw illustration from any photograph!

I can also create a designer piece from an old piece of glass or china or from your heirloom treasures! Don't throw away those broken pieces! Let me turn them back into treasures!

A LIttle About Me…

• Born in Minnesota
• Grew up in Oregon - (Beaverton) My name was Denise (or Deni) Hart
• Lived for 35 (and counting) in Missouri
• Now I'm a "snow bird" spending some time in Florida and traveling the country exhibiting in shows

• Just moved to the Kimberling City Area on Table Rock Lake near Branson MO.

• I'm a juried, award winning multi-medium painter also
• I don't concentrate on winning awards…although I've won plenty of them. I'd rather spend my time exploring new processes rather than try to impress
some judge with their own agenda. But if you REALLY need a resume, I'll be glad to provide one. Just email me.
• My life philosophy is pretty much summed up by the quotes at the top of this page and below. I am a spiritual person of faith who is just simply delighted
by the surprises that come with every new day.

"You're never too old to have a happy childhood!"

Show Schedule:

Silver DollarCity, Branson, MO:
American Craftsman Harvest Festival…September 8 thru October 18, 2017
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